Photo by  Matthew Placek


Ernesto Pastore is an architect and computational designer. He studied architecture and sculpture in his native El Salvador, and later completed his studies at the Architectural Association in London.

His main interests  involve experimenting with novel digital design methods and exploring new materials and fabrication processes, often combining traditional techniques with emerging technologies.

His work is greatly inspired by the growth processes and efficiencies found in nature which often results in highly sculptural, yet functional designs.

In addition to his artistic work, his multidisciplinary practice focuses on implementing holistic designs that maximize material and energy use and integrate human habitats and products as much as possible with the environment.

Winner of the ICFF Studio award and finalist of the Launchpad 2018 competition, Ernesto’s work has also been featured at the ICFF, Wanted Design Fair, Museo Nacional de Arte de El Salvador (MARTE), and published by leading websites and magazines.



Launchpad 2018

Contempo 2017

ICFF Studio 2012

Contempo 2011



Otra Vida 2019, Seville, Spain

BID 2018, Madrid, Spain

Makerfaire 2018, Bilbao, Spain

Launchpad 2018, New York City, USA

Contempo 2017, San Salvador, El Salvador

Wanted Design 2013, New York City, USA

ICFF Studio 2012, New York City, USA

Contempo 2011, San Salvador, El Salvador